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Ze Musik must go on...

2009-10-02 17:04:09 by DummKind

...but not now. Well I am having some hardware and software problems in the last time so I will make a short musik brake. I will probably go on at the beginning of the next year and than with some bigger projekts.

And YES I do know that I didn't upload good stuff until now, but this will change.

no Dirt 4 me

2009-07-22 14:11:36 by DummKind

there will be no GET Dirt eaten cause some copyright probs. well i will make something different

Get dirt eaten

2009-07-01 15:56:37 by DummKind

Hey new Projekt,
It will be an Elektromusik Song called "Get Dirt Eaten"
It's ma first big Projekt and I hope there will be a demo soon.
Well we will see there is school so i cant promise things^^

Voice acting

2009-06-26 02:58:08 by DummKind

Hey if someone needs an voice acter pm me.
I will upload a demo soon


2009-05-27 09:21:52 by DummKind

Hey I made some Elektro Shorts. Hope you enjoy it. May you will hear more from me in the next time^^